The EyeEm 2015 Photo Awards

In August I was very pleased to hear one of my photo's was selected as finalist of the EyeEm 2015 Photo Awards by an international jury in New York. Over 200.000 photos have been submitted to this fast growing global photo competition which is in it's second year. EyeEm is a Berlin based photo sharing community with over 13 million users. A hundred finalists, spread over ten categories, will have their photo exposed in New York on September 18 after which the exposition will travel the world, travelling to cities like Tokyo and London.

On the evening of September 18 EyeEm will announce the winners of each category and the grand winner; the Photo of the Year.

I am fortunate to be invited to witness this amazing event, so I'll fly to New York and hope to meet the leading photographing talent of the moment.

The 'Braakman' is one of the beautiful nature reserves we have in Zeeuws Flanders, in Zeeland. The whole area is imensely popular with native and migrating birds like geese, ducks and pheasants.
But if you'd like to spot wildlife you will need to be inconspicuous, silent, early and, of course, lucky.

Dear Reader

Please let me introduce myself.
I am Benjamin van der Spek. A selftaught, award winning, photographer from The Netherlands.
In November 2014 I was the fortunate winner of the Frans Lanting Public Award by National Geographic and the World Wide Fund for Nature. One of the most important photo awards of The Netherlands and Belgium.